The Performance-Series™ PC-4500 is a member of ARPAC's( of high performance case packers.  The PC-4500 is a continuous motion wraparound case packer capable of reaching speeds up to 45 cases/trays per minute. The PC-4500 uses up to 20% less corrugated material than conventional regular slotted case (RSC) case packing systems resulting in significant annual savings by reducing consumable purchases. 

The Performance-Series works well with metal cans, paper cans, glass jars, glass bottles, plastic jars and plastic bottles. The system collates the products, loads the corrugated cases or trays and closes them with hot-melt glue. The PC-4500 provides tight packages minimizing the need for partitions while protecting glass containers from damage. If needed, the system options allow for automatic insertion of partitions, dividers or pads for the ultimate in product protection.   

The PC-4500 receives product, groups the product into patterns, automatically feeds corrugated blanks, forms the blanks around the product pattern, applies hot-melt glue, holds the wraparound case in compression and produces a finished, shippable case. The system is easily adjustable for varying product sizes, speeds and product patterns. The PC-4500 runs trays as well as wraparound cases.   

The Performance-Series PC-4500 is a rugged machine that minimizes labor requirements, increases productivity, and reduces packaging materials. The PC-4500 integrates easily into new or existing lines of packaging equipment.

 Come see the PC-4500 at Pack Expo 2012, Booth #S-2247.