The Heavy Duty Continuous Motion Autoload Sleever (HD-CMS) from AFA Systems ( is a robust and heavy duty sleever that can handle high-speed applications. The HD-CMS features a timing screw infeed that accepts jars, tubs, or cups from a single lane. The timing screw will ensure the product is on the proper pitch for the bottom  lug conveyor to drive the product through the machine.

After, a high speed rotary feeder will place the sleeve on top of the product. And finally, a closing system will wraparound the sleeve and then seal it via hot- melt adhesive or locking-tabs. The HD-CMS features a very compact and robust frame capable of up to 200 ppm.

The HD-CMS comes complete with Allen Bradley Servo Motor and Drives as well as an AB CompactLogix PLC Controller. Quick changeover features are available on the HD-CMS such as push button all-servo driven changeover, SIKO counters, scales and pointers and more. The HD-CMS can be constructed using stainless steel or equivalent to run in a wet environment.