Birds Eye, a frozen food processor, has reaffirmed its commitment to sustainable packaging. In order to follow through on this, the company adheres to three key tenets when it comes to packaging development. The packaging must:

  • Be safe for food use
  • Avoid excess materials
  • Consider the overall impact on the environment

Birds Eye packaging not only protects the product during transportation, but it also provides lasting shelf life while reducing food waste. When it comes to environmental impact, Birds Eye packaging continues to research new recyclable materials that come from renewable sources. In 2021, the company transitioned to fully recyclable materials for its frozen vegetable packaging, while maintaining product quality thanks to a patented sealing technology. The packaging can be recycled in large supermarkets along with other food and carrier bags. 

Birds Eye also modified its package sizes to reduce excess materials by 7%, which is equivalent to 28 tonnes of material per year. Birds Eye also has on pack labels that inform consumers on how to recycle the packaging, which is important for cultivating a circular operation. 

Birds Eye has also signed the UK Plastics Pact to work towards 100% recyclable packaging, 70% of all plastic being effectively recycled or composted and 30% average recycled content by 2025, while also eliminating single-use packaging. 

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