In a landmark move poised to transform the fast-food industry, J&J Green Paper has announced that its revolutionary JANUS® technology is being used by Arcos Dorados Holdings, Inc., the world's largest independent McDonald's franchisee, and a local packaging supplier, in Argentina. 

As stated in Arcos Dorado's press release: "By taking action together, no matter how small it may seem, we can achieve a great impact and a sustainable future. Every little action contributes. That's why Arcos Dorados Argentina, the largest McDonald's franchisee in the world and which operates the brand in Argentina, began to implement a change in the primary bags and wrappers of hamburgers. The company incorporates the 100% renewably sourced JANUS® compound that is biodegradable, compostable, and suitable for recycling." 

JANUS® is an all-natural coating that creates a barrier to grease, water and oxygen when applied to paper for food packaging, like wrap paper, boxes, cups, utensils, K-cups, and straws. The organic JANUS compound is 100% biodegradable, backyard compostable, repulpable and recyclable. This barrier compound replaces the current coating standard – petroleum-derived polyethylene – offering a solution to single-use plastics and PFAS chemicals, each a well-known health and environmental hazard.

"We are pleased to take a leadership role in introducing JANUS technology into the global food and beverage industry with Arcos Dorados and a local packaging supplier. We see the incorporation of viable green technologies like JANUS® into that ecosystem as a pivotal step towards our shared vision of a healthy, sustainable future devoid of toxic materials,” said Rick Bulman, CEO of J&J Green Paper. 

The fast-food industry has been searching for a workable solution to address its reliance on plastics, PFAS chemicals, and the staggering volume of consumer waste. 

Bulman noted, "JANUS® technology is the foundation of an emerging ecosystem in the food and beverage industry that replaces petroleum-based materials, plastic, and chemicals, with eco-friendly, non-toxic alternatives, to eliminate hazards and improve our quality of life." 

"Each day that goes by we learn more about the catastrophic effects of nano plastics on our health. Our JANUS® solution uses what otherwise would be waste to immediately combat the dangers of plastic in paper and food packaging,” added Bulman.