Clysar ( announces the debut of Clysar® EZ-R stiff film, a high-quality, cost-effective polyolefin shrink film that balances premium shrink performance with improved slip. Virtually a “drop in” film that runs effortlessly for many high-speed applications, new EZ-R film is created for static lap seal or high-speed shrink packaging equipment running at speeds in excess of 100 ppm. The new shrink film is a versatile, competitive replacement for costlier stiff films used to package products such as consumer goods, bakery, produce, frozen foods, digital media and more.

  • Extensive internal testing and ongoing commercial film trials have documented EZ-R film’s improved performance over current stiff films on several critical measures:
  • Formulated for balanced shrink at high speeds with specially engineered cold-stretch, EZ-R film delivers the cleanest, tightest shrink in its class, for a premium packaging appearance. This unique shrink solves common flaws in high-speed packages like dog ears and loose film. The film’s sparkling clarity and high gloss add to product appeal.

EZ-R film’s added slip reduces friction and sticking during production that can lead to downtime or compromised quality. The enhanced slip also solves wrapped packages sticking in pack-out, which can create production bottlenecks or rewrap waste from packages with torn film.

“There has been industry-wide demand for a better, easier-to-run stiff film that optimizes the speeds of today’s new high-speed equipment, while eliminating common stiff-film headaches,” says Vicki Larson, vice president of Sales at Clysar. “