In a world of grab-and-go convenience, checkout lines, vending machines and c-stores aren’t the only places where consumers reach for portable packs of their favorite beverage. Thanks to beverage multipacks, which allow consumers to stock up on their most-consumed drinks, they can reach in their own refrigerator.

Hi-Cone ( offers unique add-ons with its Impact beverage carriers. These carriers integrate giveaway items into the multipack packaging. Last year, Hi-Cone added fireworks viewing glasses to its range of offered add-ons, which included things such as removable decals, trading cards, removable tattoos, bookmarks and more. The fireworks view glasses add prismatic effects to fireworks and light shows. The glasses can be removed from the front and back of the beverage carrier at the perforation.

These offerings from Hi-Cone allow brands to engage consumers in special promotions, make the packaging more useful and offer that little something extra to give the brand an edge over competition.

Hi-Cone also offers and orientation system that uses vision technology at high speeds to rotate and orient containers so the preferred side faces forward in the multipack. The orientation system can create a billboard effect so graphics are spread over the store shelves. Brands can control their communication, highlight on-package promotions, ensure accurate pricing with barcode-hiding and offer a higher impact without incurring an extra cost for packaging materials.

Visual impact grabs consumer attention. Through the increased billboard space of a multipack, brands can attract consumers and add key brand messages. Uncle Si’s Iced Tea recently introduced shrink-wrapped six-packs. The packaging, developed in association with Polyking, Inc. ( and Sixto Packaging (, showcases a smiling picture of Si Robertson from the A&E television show, Duck Dynasty, giving the packs a distinct look on-self to attract fans of the show and product.

Water brand, Absopure, uses their multipack packaging to partner with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MDCE) and the Pure Michigan advertising campaign. The partnership began in 2014 and continues in 2015 with new, winter-themed packaging to highlight winter recreation in Michigan. The co-branded packaging promotes Michigan as a place to live, work and vacation while highlighting Absopure’s Michigan roots.

Multipacks don’t just offer convenience to the consumer, they give brands the opportunity to engage with frequent users of their product. The multipack itself features space for promotions and brand communications.