Giumarra Agricom International (, announces the debut of its new Nature’s Partner avocado nutrition initiative to be spearheaded by a redesigned bulk avocado bag targeting increased consumption of the category.

Giumarra recently promoted “Nature’s Partner – Your Partner for Nutrition” and displayed the accompanying bag at The Packer’s West Coast Produce Expo in Indian Wells, California on May 2. The bag aggressively promotes Hass Avocado Board’s (HAB’s) “Love One Today” nutritional messaging communicating avocados’ “naturally good fats + cholesterol free” benefits.

“Given their consumer popularity and reputation as a delicious superfood, we felt strongly about positioning avocados as a vital addition to a healthy lifestyle,” says Bruce Dowhan, vice president and general manager of Giumarra Agricom. “We are excited to share the bag and accompanying promotions with our retail partners and work with them to develop nutrition-focused programs designed to educate their consumers and increase avocado purchases.”

To complement the bag, Giumarra offers its customers Nature’s Partner branded avocado racks for retail display purposes. The back of the bag features a HAB-created recipe for an Avocado, Feta, and Apple Sandwich. New, rotating recipes highlighting avocados’ versatility and flavor will be included in subsequent production runs of the bag.

“We are offering a customized nutritional marketing program to each of our customers to help them promote and sell more avocados to consumers,” says Gary Caloroso, director of marketing for Giumarra Agricom. “We will utilize our company’s nationwide network of respected registered dietitians and chefs to support our customers’ in-store and out-of-store communications vehicles in sharing the health benefits and varied uses of avocados to their customers.”

Giumarra continues to work closely with its avocado commodity board partners on effective, creative ways to market its Nature’s Partner avocados grown in California, Mexico, Chile, and Peru.

“Since their introduction in 2013, the Love One Today mark and marketing campaign have been helping to support the industry's efforts to educate consumers about avocados’ health benefits. They were designed to complement and extend the marketing efforts of HAB members and the industry, and Giumarra’s new retail packaging is a perfect example of this synergy,” says Jamie Johnson, California avocado grower and chairman of HAB.