Sealed Air introduces Opti Next Generation Shrink Films ( from Millennium Packaging. The new film supplies up to 30% more footage in the same footprint and at the same price as competitive products, delivering cost, material use and production advantages.

These benefits are made possible because of Sealed Air’s 29-micro-layer technology that produces what the company says is a thinner gauge with better tear resistance and better clarity than many thicker films. What’s more is the Opti NX also has a wider sealing and shrinking range than standard films.

For end users, Opti NX’s thinner gauge and longer rolls make it possible to wrap more packages per roll, reduce film inventory requirements and increase production uptime by requiring fewer roll changeovers. The new film also lowers transportation costs per packaging unit by accommodating 30% more film in the same space with no increase in weight. The ability of the thinner film to use less heat for many shrink operations further reduces costs by decreasing electricity consumption.

The Opti NX family includes five all-purpose (Opti NXG) and two soft-shrink (Opt NXS) gauges that meet the needs of a broad array of applications, including irregularly shaped products and soft items such as converted paper that are unable to withstand the shrink force of conventional all-purpose materials. The new films also adapt to a wide range of shrink machinery, are recyclable, and are both FDA- and USPS-approved.