The Pro Mach Flexible Packaging Group ( introduces the INV Pack MVA900 four-side sachet machine and the SP1200 stickpack machine with innovative modifications for high throughput packaging of peanut butter, stick cheese and other high viscosity hot and warm fill foods.

A servo controlled pump gives these machines the capability to quickly and accurately adjust pressure for different viscosity foods. This gives the plant greater flexibility in the range of foods packaged. A new recirculation system for the heated, jacketed hopper maintains specified viscosity during production interruptions caused by downstream equipment. Recirculation eliminates the necessity of having to engage in time consuming cleaning of the hopper after routine line stoppages. Fast startup of sachet and stickpack machines increases throughput and overall equipment effectiveness.

A wide range of sachet and stickpack package sizes and styles are available as well as the number of filling lanes. Watch a video of stickpacks filled with peanut butter being opened and used. Depending on the size of the package and number of fill lanes, these high speed production machines can produce up to 700 units per minute. Both the MVA900 and the SP1200 are vertical form fill seal machines with compact footprints to conserve floor space. Both offer nitrogen flush capabilities for long shelf life applications. Each is built to 3A sanitary standards. Both have latest clean-in-place capabilities. Optional collating conveyors count sachets and stickpacks for loading into cartons or pouches.