Manufacturers require high code accuracy and legibility from their Thermal Transfer Overprinters to improve production line efficiency and reduce overall costs in their flexible packaging and labelling applications. In response to this need, Videojet Technologies ( has just launched its next generation of TTO products.

The Videojet 6530 and 6330 come with revolutionary iAssure™ technology, an industry-first, integrated code assurance system that automatically checks every print for alphanumeric print defects. Operators can now decide to stop the line when multiple common print defects are detected, reducing the need to scrap or rework product.

“Videojet iAssure technology will help our customers consistently deliver high-quality codes by detecting print defects caused by things like dirty printheads, uneven print surfaces or ribbon wrinkles,” comments Heidi Wright, business unit manager for Videojet. “iAssure technology complements existing quality control processes. No other TTO printer on the market can do this.”

Videojet understands that manufacturers require the flexibility to choose how they want the printer to fit into their production line. The Videojet DataFlex® 6530 and 6330 printers have a modular design that allows the power supply to be placed with the controller, or separated and mounted inside the packaging machine cabinet. For those manufacturers wanting fewer components exposed in a production environment, the printer can also be controlled through the packaging machine’s web interface, eliminating the need for the Videojet controller. This enables manufacturers to have a single point of control for their printer and packaging machine.

The Videojet 6530 and 6330 printers can now print on zipper packs and pouches of varying thickness with no special setup. These new printers can also be used on films that have re-sealable zippers in every pack, providing customers with more flexibility.

The new TTO printers utilize an all-electronic printer design which removes the need for compressed air, helping reduce operation costs and increase throughput by 25%. This design also eliminates the need for operators to adjust the amount of air pressure needed when trying to improve poor print quality, which can increase the potential for premature head wear.

“Our customers need solutions that deliver greater productivity, quality and total cost. The new 6530 and 6330 printers incorporate industry-leading features that do exactly that,” says Wright. “We are excited to be able to share our latest innovations in TTO with the industry.”