Founded in 1992, Flair Flexible Packaging ( was established to provide small and mid-sized companies opportunities to explore technologies traditionally available only to large corporations. A quarter-century later, Flair is celebrating a unique combination of experience in a variety of applications, access to the most advanced technologies, and agility that has fostered a truly customer-driven environment that yields resources beyond expectations and results beyond packaging.

A privately owned company, Flair has become a global resource for flexible packaging technology, combining the science of “what works” with the innovation of “what if” to create rollstock films, bags and specialty pouches with an array of unique configurations and convenience features that allow manufacturers to contain their products and create possibilities. Flair’s reputation for responsiveness is built on a simple goal, to not simply sell products to customers, but instead to work with customers to help them develop and communicate their product’s identity and grow their product’s brand.

Flair’s engineering and development capabilities are complemented by a state-of-the-art design group dedicated to creating and applying imagery that enhances customers’ packaging and engages consumers’ interest. Exhaustive control checks including a specialized brand color management program ensure consistency, while advanced rotogravure printing provides the crisp colorful illustrations that represent customers’ brands brilliantly.

Flair’s innovation-driven design and development groups are supported by a fully integrated team of specialists proactively monitoring and managing every facet of customers’ packaging needs. Technical engineering, manufacturing, and quality assurance groups ensure the highest possible levels of quality, consistency and safety, while sales, logistics and customer support groups continually strive to ensure pricing, availability and delivery that fit customers’ needs and facilitate customers’ success. It is this unique blend of science, service, safety and solutions that Flair celebrates today: not recognizing what they’ve done as a company, but reinforcing all they do for a company to ensure every facet of their packaging program is perfect.