Bosch Packaging Technology ( has introduced an extended portfolio of liquid food filling and packaging machines to the North American market, compliant with 3-A Sanitary Standards (3-A SSI). Recognized as the most detailed and stringent design guidelines available, the 3-A SSI – an independent, not-for-profit corporation – is specifically dedicated to advancing hygienic equipment design for the food industry. Bosch’s Ampack carousel filling machine for dairy food in pre-formed bottles and cups was recently awarded the 3-A certificate, while the company is working on extending the certificate to its inline filling equipment in the near future.

“We see growing market demand in the U.S. for simplified cleaning, minimized risk of cross contamination and reduced product waste,” explains Markus Schlumberger, managing director sales at Ampack GmbH, part of the Liquid Food product division at Bosch Packaging Technology. “These needs determine our commitment to hygienically designed filling and packaging equipment specifically tailored to the North American market.”

As food safety regulations continue to strengthen, U.S. dairy producers are seeking ways to prevent product recalls. The 3-A SSI certificate gives them an assurance that their product will be handled hygienically through the filling and packaging process, contributing to high product quality and ultimately consumer safety. Manufacturers also benefit from easy cleaning – a positive side effect of sanitary design, streamlined to have fewer areas that can trap food and cause contamination. It is crucial that machines withstand vigorous cleaning and are self-draining, ultimately saving time and labor costs.

After Bosch’s acquisition of Osgood Industries in 2015, a manufacturer of filling and sealing equipment for pre-formed containers in the food industry for liquids and pastes, the brand’s position in the North American market has already grown significantly. By extending the machine portfolio with the Ampack carousel filler complying with 3-A SSI standards, Bosch is taking another forward step towards adapting its portfolio to regional customers’ requirements, reassuring North American dairy manufacturers that equipment has been verified by an objective, independent organization and bears the globally recognized quality mark.

“Hygienic machine design allows food manufacturers to minimize downtime and product waste, ensure consistently high product quality and focus on what they do best – develop and deliver fresh and safe products to consumers. As a result of the certification, we can support our customers better in their journey towards safer dairy food,” concludes Markus Schlumberger.