A Q&A with Natalie Schmid, product market manager, thermoforming at Multivac. She weighs in about today’s food packaging and the consumer trends that are shaping the marketplace.

Packaging Strategies: What do consumers want from today’s food packaging and how are packagers adopting their thermoforming machines to accommodate?

Natalie Schmid: Consumers want less packaging for better sustainability and better product quality, including freshness of the food inside the package. Due to the aging baby boomer generation, we see a big trend going into smaller portion sizes vs. family packs, individual portions and easier-to-open packages. Also, millennials have a big influence on what is bought and how it is bought. They tend to have smaller households or are starting families later in life; and with somewhat higher household incomes, the trend to buy fresh vs. pantry stocking has an impact on the portion sizes. Convenience is a big factor since many families have both partners working, so less time to spend on meal preparation. Nevertheless, home-cooked meals are a growing trend.

New alternatives in packaging include ready meal kits, easy-to-cook products and even cook in the package with dual ovenable film. This is driven by a desire for easy cleanup, and eliminating the need to touch the raw food product. Finally, there is a consumer desire for easier opening features as well as reclosable features.

PS: What are your customers requesting from these machines?

Schmid: Flexibility within a machine to produce more than one package configuration with quick changeover, high processing reliability, reduction in downtime and hygienic design.

PS: In your opinion, is there any new food/ beverage trend that will mean big changes for thermoformed containers?

Schmid: The MultiFresh (skin pack) for fresh meat offers improved shelf appearance, better moisture retention and longer shelf life for the product. This can also improve sustainability by a reduction in packaging material needs, better logistical saving in warehousing and transportation and reduction of food waste resulting from the extended shelf life.

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