The X-Dual Seal flexible packaging from RPC bpi protec ( provides extended shelf-life, satisfaction-of-use and easy integration into production lines – all derived from its innovative two-compartment design.

With a hermetic seal on the outside and a burst peel on the inside, the X-Dual Seal allows end-users to ’pop’ the inside seal by applying force to one compartment before mixing the contents together. 

The X-Dual Seal offers a number of benefits: There is no need to handle the contents, and accurate portion control is made easy by the compartments; and the outer hermetic seal provides excellent product protection for all applications.

One key benefit is the extended shelf-life that the X-Dual Seal enables with its format. For example, the packaging of gas-flushed products such as bread rolls using X-Dual Seal would enable each to be opened individually, leaving the other products unaffected. Similarly, end-users can keep the products together or separate depending on whichever is more beneficial to the shelf-life of the food.

For manufacturers, the X-Dual Seal requires little-to-no modifications to their existing machinery, and does not require the application of an additional strip of material, which can hinder the hermetic seal. The burst peel can also be created by a lower temperature, which reduces the amount of film required between products and removes the need for complicated tear-lines.

“The X-Dual Seal is a new product that we believe will prove to be a real success across different markets,” said Sue Mohan, sales director at RPC bpi protec. “Besides its extended shelf-life and portion control benefits, a key part of its appeal is how fun it is to pop the burst peel—we feel this experiential aspect makes a real difference to X-Dual Seal and delivers an exciting new pack format for manufacturers.”