ParmCrisps,  the maker of award-winning, artisan crafted crisps made from 100 percent cheese, has refreshed the brand and its packaging, boosting it into a "snack-forward" positioning. The brand's pouch format has been re-positioned for snacking on-the-go as the brand leans in with consumers looking for functional, nutritionally on-trend and flavorful products. 

The result is a millennial forward, snackable and approachable feel that highlights the brand's signature crisps, showcasing how the company serves as a new substitute for traditional chips and crackers. 

Since launching ParmCrisps in January 2017, consumers have found usage versatility with the product across the board. However, the brand also took note that consumers prefer different formats of the snack for different usage occasions. While ParmCrisps will continue to retail their tub format, which bridges the gap between traditional cheese and a cracker, the new ParmCrisps pouch caters to the preference of hand-to-mouth snacking.

The ParmCrisps pouch takes a stylistic and accessible approach to snacking in Original, Jalapeno and Black Sesame flavors.

"As we discovered what our millennial consumers want, we realized we needed packaging that reflects the bold and sophisticated, yet flavor-forward and snackable aspects that ParmCrisps are all about," said Kevin Joseph, VP of marketing. "We carefully crafted each element of the design, from our brand assets, color tones and photography to the surface finish, seal, and gusset. The new package is a clear and relevant design that appeals to the millennial snacker and showcases our product benefits, boosting our brand as the new, millennial snack."