Fresh Cravings has added a new grab-and-go product to their line: Salsa and Tortilla Chips snack packs for people who are always on the go.

Made with fresh vine-ripened tomatoes and crisp, hand-picked vegetables, along with zesty peppers and spices, Fresh Cravings salsa is never cooked, giving it a fresh authentic taste. Snack packs come in  Restaurant Style, in Mild heat. They include just the right amount for a nourishing treat without worrying about portion control.

"We continuously hear from our customers that they want healthier, more affordable snacking solutions for their families," said Jay Whitney, president of FoodStory Brands, the company behind Fresh Cravings. "We developed this Fresh Cravings Salsa and Tortilla Chips combo to help parents find a fun, and more nourishing snack for their kids and for themselves."

Fresh Cravings' Salsa and Tortilla Chips grab and go packs are available at Walmart stores in the produce section.