Skratch Labs, maker of sports nutrition products for endurance athletes, has come out with a special edition packaging design to show support for the EF Education First Pro Cycling team competing in the Tour de France. A limited-edition lemon & lime Sports Hydration Mix salutes the team jersey, each in a unique design generated with HP Mosaic print technology.

ePac, an all-digital flexible packaging print provider, produced its first HP Mosaic project for the Skratch Labs EF Pro Cycling limited edition package, printing and finishing 10,000 unique pouches at its Boulder, Colorado site. The company printed the resealable pouches using the HP Indigo 20000 Digital Press and HP SmartStream Mosaic automated variable design software. 

HP SmartStream Mosaic is an algorithm that automatically generates a high number of unique graphic patterns from a seed design by randomly transforming a master artwork file, rotating, transposing, interchanging colors and amplifying the design anywhere.