Spring water offers energy with vitamin release capNew York Spring Water is launching its new, sugar-free, taurine-free energy drink, VBlast Gator Pit Energy Formula, in East Coast c-stores, groceries, delis and sports clubs.

“VBlast Gator Pit brings energy drinks to a new, healthier level,” says Luke Zakka, New York Spring Water’s VP of operations. “It’s pure power – B-complex vitamins, energy and natural flavors – and pure spring water, without sugar or taurine. VBlast Gator Pit has the muscle to power an intense workout or fuel an exciting day in a healthy, refreshing way. VBlast Gator Pit adds strength to our philosophy of ‘keepin’ it fresh.’”

Like other beverages in the popular VBlast line, VBlast Gator Pit invites its customers to unleash its energy with the twist of a patented reservoir cap, which releases a special liquid vitamin blend into 16.9 ounces of spring water. The 28 millimeter opening is perfect for big, thirst-quenching chugs and the liquid vitamin formulation ensures that there’s no grit or clumping that can be common with dry vitamins.

 The VBlast reservoir cap also ensures that the vitamin blend maintains full potency, even after nine months of room-temperature storage, Zakka adds. Suggested retail price is $1.49 to $1.89 per bottle.