Vuka™ Intelligent Energy drinks are now available in Ball Corporation's ( 16-oz. Alumi-Tek® bottles.

"Vuka is made with natural ingredients for adults that have varying energy needs, but are also mindful about what they put in their bodies," says Alexia Bregman, CEO, Vuka LLC. "Vuka is meant for a more sophisticated audience than the traditional energy drink market caters to, and packaging Vuka in the Alumi-Tek bottle with our vibrant graphics creates a uniquely Vuka drinking experience."

"Alumi-Tek bottles are reclosable and lightweight, making them perfect for people on the go which is certainly the case with energy drink consumers," says Robert M. Miles, senior vice president, sales for Ball's metal beverage packaging division, Americas. "And similar to our aluminum cans, the Alumi-Tek bottle is infinitely recyclable, which we know is very important to our sustainability minded customers such as Vuka."

Vuka Intelligent Energy drinks in Alumi-Tek bottles are available in grocery stores and gyms in several markets across the nation.

 Vuka means "Wake up" in Zulu, an appropriate name for a company started by native South Africans. This husband-and-wife team decided to pool their experience in marketing and business to focus on building a brand, starting with a line of sophisticated energy drinks. The natural drinks – Work out, Think and Renew, also available in stevia sweetened zero-calorie Zo-Cal– are enhanced with vitamins and nutrients for specific energy needs.