C-P Flexible Packaging launches C-P GreenStream™ sustainable packaging solutions—a line of flexible packaging options designed for sustainability utilizing post-consumer recycled content, recyclable materials, compostable materials, downgauged materials, and/or materials derived from renewable resources.

Created with the circular economy in mind, the C-P GreenStream line of flexible packaging includes options that reduce the amount of material entering the waste stream, as well as options that allow post-consumer recycled content to re-enter the stream of source materials.

The C-P GreenStream portfolio includes flexible packaging materials with over 40% post-consumer recycled (PCR) resin. For example, C-P GreenStream PET flexible packaging is available with up to 100% PCR content — without sacrificing barrier performance. It also maintains the same look and feel as flexible packaging sourced from virgin PET resin. 

And to address the inability to recycle multilayer film structures composed of dissimilar resins, C-P GreenStream store drop-off recyclable flexible packaging features single-source construction, with all layers made from the same material. The recyclable flexible packaging can be recycled at over 18,000 store drop-off locations across the U.S.