Reifenhäuser Kiefel Extrusion of Troisdorf/Germany and DuPont Packaging & Industrial Polymers have developed a peelable, surface-printable, multi-layer, high-barrier lidding film, which seals directly and effectively to mono-APET trays, even through fat and meat juices. This substantial progress was made possible by combining Reifenhäuser’s versatile Evolution barrier blown-film technology and a new PET-based DuPont Appeel sealant resin.  Compared to traditional lidding films with an additional LDPE sealing layer, which is co-extruded or laminated to the APET structure, the use of a co-extruded Appeel sealing layer provides superior packaging properties, including higher fat barrier, perforation resistance, gloss and transparency. A major cost advantage of this new approach arises from the fact that it eliminates the need for an additional polyolefin-based lamination film on the APET tray. As a result, trims can be directly recycled, the bottom web costs can be reduced by up to 40 percent and the total weight of the tray can be up to 15 percent lower without loss in stiffness. This allows for additional savings in raw material costs as well as in ecotax and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


DuPint high-barrier lidding film