Printpack Inc.( introduces a new family of flexible retort packaging products to the North American shelf-stable food market. The new products include a range of foil and non-foil pre-made retort pouches, along with easy-peel retort lidding that complement Printpack’s existing line of retort cups, trays and aseptic packaging. Printpack is committed to delivering shelf-stable package solutions that protect the product, differentiate on shelf and ultimately, satisfy consumers.

“This expanded portfolio allows us to provide a broader range of complete packaging solutions to our customers,” says Aaron Heyniger, business manager, shelf-stable, Printpack. “While product protection is the primary function, these new products can also provide differentiation on shelf to attract consumer attention during that critical stage in the purchase decision.” 

Although steel cans remain the most common retort package type in North America, flexible and rigid plastic packaging solutions continue to gain market share as consumers look for more convenient formats and better-tasting products.

“Because traditional suppliers of flexible retort packaging are located across seas, food manufacturers in North America have encountered challenges sourcing their packaging abroad, including long lead times and communications glitches,” Heyniger says. “Furthermore, there are very few suppliers domestically who can offer a full portfolio of flexible and rigid retort packaging. By offering a comprehensive set of packaging options, we can now provide a better domestic solution to food manufacturers.”

The expanded shelf-stable packaging portfolio now encompasses aseptic laminations, pre-made retort pouches, retort cups, trays and lidding. Customized shapes and barrier options, as well as easy-to-open and reclose features are also available.