ProAmpac's patent-pending innovation, ProActive Recycle Ready Retort RT-3000, is suited for pet and human food. RT-3000 pouches are available in stand-up and three-side seal configurations and are EU and FDA compliant for food contact in retort applications.

As a recycle ready mono-material, RT-3000 is focused on difficult-to-recycle multi-material applications like retort. RT-3000 is designed to run at similar filling and processing speeds as current multi-material structures that aren’t recyclable.

“RT-3000 is the newest member of the ProActive Sustainability® product family, a comprehensive set of packaging solutions that are helping our customers meet their greener packaging goals,” said Adam Grose, chief commercial officer. “A revolutionary innovation, this recycle ready solution was built on ProAmpac’s material science expertise and significant experience in retort pouch design. Engineered to run on existing high-speed filling lines, RT-3000 maintains filling machine efficiency.”

Available in clear or opaque options, RT-3000 offers excellent stiffness for stand-up shelf appearance and very high puncture and flex-crack resistance for safe product handling and distribution. And, with its mono-material design, RT-3000 has a high recovery potential during advanced recycling.