Mondi Square Bag
Mondi’s Square Bag, which is constructed of advanced barrier films in multiple layers, offers exceptional product protection. It securely packages powders and granular materials weighing up to 10 lbs. and liquids up to 1.5 gallons.

Q: In terms of packaging, what are some key considerations a company should consider when looking to move from a conventional material (paper, glass, corrugated, etc.) into a flexible film format?

A: Filling equipment must be evaluated when transitioning from conventional materials to flexible packaging. Quality expectations must also be understood and evaluated. The cost of transitioning from conventional materials to a flexible format must also be considered.

Sometimes, moving to a flexible package can yield significant material and transportation cost savings. Consumer features can also be integrated into a flexible package format. Reclose options, easy-open features and handles are just a few of the consumer benefits that flexible packages can offer. Some packaging materials can also yield sustainability benefits. In addition, barrier properties must be evaluated when transitioning to a flexible packaging format.


Q: How can a package that is already in a flexible film format be improved upon?

A: Adding reclose features, easy-carry handles and easy-open features can add value to a customer’s flexible package.


Q: What are the main components to consider when creating a pouch for a customer?

A: The product being packaged, package size, and package features such as reclose, easy-carry handles and easy-open features. Also, we need to consider whether the application is hand- or machine filled, the type of filling equipment, and structure and barrier property requirements.


Q: Are there any new pouch formats that the company is proud to offer (trigger pouch? Any others?)?

A: The Mondi Square Bag is a unique package that offers reclose and handle options.


Q: What are some major general/overall challenges with pouch making?

A: Providing customers with product quality that is equal to or better than their existing package. At Mondi, we strive to provide our customers with outstanding print and lamination, as well as superior bag making quality that has led to award winning product performance.


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