A woman in beautiful lipstick can brighten a room like a bunch of fresh flowers, says New Zealand brand Karen Murrell. That captivating burst of beauty inspires everything it does. Its latest lip product comes in a palette developed by Quadpack (quadpack.com), offering a handy array of naturally beautiful shades like a luscious bouquet.

The Lip Palette uses natural and nourishing ingredients that make the lip color creamy and smooth to apply, ensure long-lasting color and improve the condition of your lips the longer you wear it.

The palette's front features a stunning floral design, expertly applied through matte black silk screen and copper metalization decoration. The mirrored interior has a base insert for the double-sided brush, which features anodized metal parts color-matched to the tray.

All Karen Murrell products are free from animal cruelty and harmful chemicals. Quadpack has been its trusted packaging supplier for several years, as the brand grows in popularity worldwide with huge successes in the Asian markets.