Big House Wine Company announces the next exciting chapter for the iconic brand with all-new packaging and design. The new look reflects the California brand's "big, bold and rebellious" heritage and style by celebrating the personalities and figures of the Prohibition era – a time when the boundaries between outlaw and common citizen were blurred. Each historic character bent the rules to supply every-day people with a drink, and each paid the price in prison, otherwise known as the "big house."

The redesigned package for each of Big House's seven California wines features the silhouette of a different notorious Prohibition bootlegger along with a historic quote from that person to pique further discovery. As with previous branding, varietals are tied to specific personalities, this time focusing on a distinct period in American history. Side panels tell their stories with an authentic photo for each character highlighting their role during these tumultuous years. From the first California brand with an all-screw cap line-up to the first with the Octavin® box, the new Big House packaging embraces the brand's pioneering history of innovation and cutting edge design.

Big House Wine Company Prohibition Red

The overall look and feel of the packaging speaks with authority and authenticity about a storied time in American history, when stakes were high and rebellion was in the air. The rules made outlaws out of everyone who enjoyed a drink and celebrities out of those brave enough to supply them. These bootleggers were bad, yet on their way to the "big house" they became folk heroes as well – outsized personalities during a famously irreverent time in America.

"While the laws prohibiting the sale of alcohol turned men into mobsters and ladies into lawbreakers, these people actually did go to prison to supply Americans with drink," notes Collin Cooney, Big House brand manager. "We are excited to engage today's consumer with the new Big House package highlighting these historic Prohibition stories with our retro design." Big House is currently a top 10 premium 3L box wine brand in the U.S.