More than ever consumers are concerned with supporting ethical businesses with environmentally conscious practices. They are growing increasingly aware of what they consume, the waste they create and the businesses that are aligned with this ethos.

One of the most obvious ways this desire comes to fruition is through the demand for eco-friendly packaging supplies. Because so many companies use excessive packaging made from potentially detrimental materials, eco-conscious consumers are desperate for another option. Companies who outsource their packaging and are conscious of the environmental impact their choices have are desperate as well.

This is where eco-friendly packaging and wrapping comes in. It is the next best packaging option after using nothing at all, and is the number one-choice for companies whose products require cover. Because it does far less environmental harm than other types of packaging, it offers customers an alternative to traditional packaging that they can feel good about supporting and it allows producers to package their products but minimize their guilt associated with the process.

There are many reasons why eco-friendly product packaging has become so highly sought in recent years, but these factors are most significant in the increased demand:

  1. Using eco-packaging lowers your carbon footprint. It releases fewer carbon emissions during production than traditional packaging does, and it also uses fewer energy-heavy resources.
  2. It is easier to dispose of. Unlike lots of other packaging varieties, eco packaging can be recycled and sometimes even repurposed or composted if it is highly biodegradable.
  3. Green packaging materials are healthier for manufacturers and consumers. Unlike synthetic, chemical-laden materials, eco-packaging materials tend to be free from harmful byproducts that can cause physical health concerns.
  4. It establishes companies as environmentally and socially aware. Earth-friendly packaging helps brand your company as a conscious supplier, and immediately gives customers a good first impression of you. In fact, studies show that customers feel more positively about a company that uses green packaging.
  5. Some companies are incentivized to use it. Many environmental organizations and government initiatives are beginning to subsidize eco-friendly packaging materials and reward companies who use it.
  6. Eco-friendly packaging can be bought in bulk. This means lower cost per unit for you, the product supplier. It also means that fewer materials are needed to send your packaging in the first place, further reducing your environmental load.
  7. It can reduce your shipping costs. Because eco-packaging tends to be lighter and less bulky than other packaging options, it can lower the price it costs to export your products.

These seven factors are why the demand for green packaging materials has increased globally so much in recent years. They provide the means for companies and customers to feel better about the products they are using—and the way that they are being made.

Whether your main justification for choosing eco-conscious products is economic, environmental or ethical, the decision to embrace green packaging has many benefits. Making the decision to change is easy, thanks to the wide range of eco-friendly packaging providers available.