Instagram is a fabulous thing! I use it sometimes to see what friends are up to, but mostly I follow brands, celebrities and companies that I like to see what is new, what is exciting and what is totally Instagram-worthy. And boy did I find it in the Cote des roses rosé from Gerard Bertrand. This Instagram-worthy wine bottle is so beautiful that I knew I needed to see it in person. After some investigative work through chatting with the distributor who posted the picture of it to social media, I called my local wine shop (shout out to Cose di Lusso in downtown Rochester, MI) and they got it in stock for me. Wow— it is truly unlike any other bottle on the shelf! Fittingly, this rosé is packaged in a bottle designed to look like a rose. The bottle was designed by a student at the Ecole Boulle fine arts college in Paris who submitted it in a design contest organized by Verallia France, in 2010. Her project was a bottle with the bottom sculpted in the shape of a rose “to make art a part of everyday.” Gerard Bertrand, a French winemaker, had just crafted his Cote des Roses range and was captivated with the design. Bertrand chose the bottle for his wines and after some adaptations, making it capable of high speed filling/ packaging, the concept became a reality. The bottle features a VinoSeal glass cork for further elegance and a premium feel. The bottle is available in the traditional 750ml and the 1.5L size that I captured in my recent video. Watch the video I made showing off more of the bottle here.

Side note and slightly off topic: I tried the wine with some friends over the weekend and it was delightful! It was a bit lighter in taste than I would have preferred but refreshing nonetheless. The bottle is empty but not recycled! It is too pretty to toss.