Printing ink manufacturer Siegwerk has published its first-ever sustainability report, based on the international GRI standard, which lays a new basis for evaluating the company’s sustainable actions. The report includes Siegwerk’s sustainability goals and activities from 2014 to 2016.

“We want to become the world’s leading manufacturer of packaging inks and are doing our utmost every day to attain this status. To achieve this objective, we have committed to a process of permanent evolution, which always factors in the needs of current and future generations,” says Herbert Forker, CEO of Siegwerk. 

Until recently, Siegwerk has publicized its sustainability approach in the form of information brochures provided to anybody interested in this topic. 

“By launching the sustainability report, we want to provide even greater transparency and enter into an open dialog with our stakeholders. That is the only way to boost the company’s future viability and to improve our performance even more,” Forker says.

The sustainability program described in the report is based on a materiality analysis of relevant fields of activity conducted by an international team of Siegwerk executives together with Chemie, the German chemical industry’s sustainability initiative. A new mission statement, which in turn will align with Siegwerk’s sustainability strategy in future, was drafted based on the results of the analysis. 

The mission statement incorporates four dimensions:  customers as partners, innovation as driver; employees as the key to success; sustainable economic success; and responsibility for environment and society.

“We want to continue to promote sustainability at Siegwerk and make it measurable. For that reason, we keep on adding tangible goals to our program. They apply to all our subsidiaries worldwide and are a benchmark for the sustainability of our actions. This is the only way we can regularly check whether we are maintaining our course or whether we have to readjust,” Forker says.