Miraclon announced that the Global Flexo Innovation Awards — to honor businesses that are pioneering the transformation of the flexo industry — are open for submissions from companies wishing to be recognized for their “exciting, creative and innovative commercial packaging projects printed using KODAK FLEXCEL NX Plates.”

The awards, which are open to any prepress provider, printer or brand (team entries are encouraged), aim to bring together the whole flexo community while creating opportunities to build new contacts, relationships and partnerships across the print and packaging industry. Entries will be judged by an independent panel of nine flexo industry experts on four criteria:

  1. The degree of creativity in the graphic design of the project
  2. Conversion from other print processes to flexo
  3. The efficiency of the company’s workflow
  4. The level of sustainable print in the project.

Entries establishing excellence in two categories will receive a silver award, in three categories a gold award and in all four categories a platinum award.

“The Global Flexo Innovation Awards is different from other competitions. It’s not about one company beating another; it’s about highlighting companies doing great work. Our goal is to demonstrate how the flexo process continues to innovate and grow, becoming more powerful as a tool,” says Christopher Horton, chair of the judging panel. “Most of the potential participants operate in the food packaging value chain, and in the current difficult environment, these companies are essential. They are working, many under difficult circumstances, to supply their product so that people can eat. While the COVID-19 crisis has been undeniably disruptive, the flexo printing value chain has played a key role in helping the world’s response. I, for one, am very much looking forward to seeing award entries displaying genuine innovations, ones with real strategic substance, which show companies driving efficient, consistent and sustainable manufacturing processes.”

Visit www.transformingflexo.com for more information.