GreenBroz Inc., a global company in cannabis post-harvest processing technology, announced an expanded strategic partnership with Brother Gearmotor, a division of Brother International Corporation, for the use of their gearmotors and expertise in the production of GreenBroz products. GreenBroz is the first company in the cannabis industry that Brother Gearmotor deals with directly.

"The relationship between Brother Gearmotor and GreenBroz goes far beyond superior products," says Schyler Kaminski, regional sales manager, Brother Gearmotor Division. "We share the same values in the way we treat our customers and how our products fall into alignment with one another. For example, GreenBroz's motto for their trimmers is 'Gentle, Quick and Quiet.' Our gearmotors fall directly in line with this as we increase the quality of their machines and support our products with our industry-leading limited warranty. Overall, our commitment to create a custom solution for GreenBroz is what made us stand out, over and above the competition."

The collaboration expands upon a relationship begun last year with the successful introduction of Brother gearmotors customized for use in the GreenBroz Model M Dry Trimmer. Brother gearmotors are now incorporated into the Precision Sorter and the Rise Conveyor. Specific attributes include:

  • Brother's more efficient hypoid gearmotors, used for the grinders, transmit additional torque at lower HP due to increased efficiency.
  • In-line helical gearing for trimmers are grease-filled, not oil-filled, and can be mounted in any direction and sealed for the life of the gearmotor without maintenance or leaking.
  • The use of higher-quality copper wire makes motor winding more efficient and improves electrical conductivity due to fewer impurities in the metal.

"Brother gearmotors are the best on the market, and the company has a long-standing reputation of excellence in the industry," says Cullen Raichart, founder and CEO of GreenBroz. "Their history of helping businesses implement solutions that help them grow dovetails with our mission of offering the highest quality products to help businesses in the cannabis space grow and prosper."

Brother Gearmotor manufactures components in-house to ensure quality control, an attribute cited by GreenBroz as a core reason why Brother makes the ideal engineering partner going forward. "They were able to customize the output shaft and put our logo inside the machine," says GreenBroz engineer Kevin Bower of the Model M. "The drilled and tapped shaft is unique to what they are manufacturing for us. Their motors are lightweight, quiet, efficient, washdown-ready and completely waterproof."

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