Innovia Films has expanded its ISCC PLUS certification to its plants based in Australia, Belgium, and the UK — allowing it to produce the range of Encore sustainable films globally, supplying both certified renewable materials, (ISCC PLUS Bio-Circular material) and certified circular material, (ISCC PLUS Circular Material).

Paul Watters, product development manager, packaging says, “The sustainable team based in Wigton supported the work that the local cross functional plant teams undertook in very tight timescales.  To achieve ambitious schedules meant they had to adopt a well-coordinated and collaborative team approach.”

ISCC (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) is an independent multi-stakeholder organization providing a globally applicable certification system for the sustainability of raw materials and products.

Innovia has also developed its own internal Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) program, which gives it the ability to measure key sustainability metrics including carbon footprint (global warming potential) and fossil scarcity on a cradle to gate basis.

“These additional certifications show our commitment to increasing our manufacturing footprint of certified renewable and recycled content films in line with customer demand for these types of products,” says Watters.

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