BB Packaging Concepts (BBPC), a packaging design start-up based in Toronto, Canada, introduced Inverta-Pouch — a newly patented beverage packaging concept. According to the website, the pouch can be used anywhere a convenient, safe and hygienic source of hydration and nutrition is needed, such as:

  • Fitness
  • Lifestyle
  • Camping, hiking
  • Travel
  • Construction sites, factories
  • Military, disaster relief

BBPC says Inverta-Pouch leverages the benefits of lightweight pouch packaging with a unique feature — an inverted neck that is tucked inside the pouch. This ensures the contents can be consumed safely and hygienically, regardless of where the package has been.


Courtesy of BB Packaging Concepts


Courtesy of Greg Blysniuk


“We hope to accelerate packaging innovation that’s focused on consumer safety and convenience, while reducing material usage and weight to reduce shipping costs,” says BBPC co-founder, Jim Bojeczko.

BBPC is seeking industry partners to bring this to the world market. “With the heightened sensitivity due to the pandemic, a hygienic means of dispensing consumable liquids will be very compelling for an innovative bevco or packager looking to capture market share,” says BBPC co-founder, Greg Blysniuk.