XTS Hygienic, the stainless steel version of the eXtended Transport System from Beckhoff, is now available in the U.S. The IP69K-rated linear transport solution opens up a wide spectrum of new applications, primarily in food and pharmaceutical industries and for processing and filling liquids. With optimal cleanability, high chemical resistance and no hidden corners, edges or undercuts, this hygienic design offers significant opportunities for innovation in these industries.

The advantages of the standard system as a highly flexible motion solution are combined with ease of cleaning, enabling process optimizations and maximum production line availability even in environments with extreme hygiene requirements. XTS Hygienic is easier to clean compared to more complex mechanical systems, so routine cleaning tasks and format changeovers can be performed much more quickly.

The XTS replaces mechanical components with software functionality to allow for a high degree of design freedom in creating completely new machine concepts. As a result, applications with difficult environmental conditions, such as in product handling for the food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries, will benefit from the new hygienic design.

The new machine significantly reduces mechanical engineering requirements, reducing footprint, weight and wiring in machine designs. Compared to conventional solutions, the mechatronic system is much more flexible, with faster processes and less downtime due to maintenance. As a result, machine builders can now offer smaller, more powerful and more efficient systems, and end users benefit from a smaller footprint, higher productivity and faster product changeovers. In addition, as with the standard XTS, HepcoMotion will provide a sanitary stainless steel track, distributed by Bishop-Wisecarver in North America, to support applications with higher weight requirements.