Global Pouch Forum (May 29-31) is returning to Florida this year and will feature dynamic presentations and a highly engaging panel discussion during the General Sessions on May 30th and 31st.

Considerations for Widely Recyclable Pouches

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has highlighted a concerning statistic: Flexible Packaging accounts for less than 1% of recycled packaged goods. Even with the introduction of Store Drop Off programs, the recycling rates have only marginally improved, reaching less than 3%. This data underscores a pressing need to drive the adoption of Widely Recyclable pouches, aiming to enhance recycling convenience and rates significantly. Sonoco Flexible Packaging recognizes this imperative and is eager to guide discussions on the transition to paper-based pouches.

In this presentation, Jake Branyon of Sonoco Flexible Packaging will delve into crucial design and technical considerations, providing insights into the deployment of widely recyclable pouches. The focus will encompass various aspects, including suitable product types, formats, and compatible machinery.

For Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, this initiative presents a unique opportunity to assess their portfolios. By understanding the potential of widely recyclable pouches, CPGs can strategize the shift of specific products to more sustainable packaging solutions. For industry suppliers, the presentation is a valuable opportunity to understand the needs for further innovation within the value chain. This encompasses enhancing performance and exploring novel techniques that align with the requirements of packaging products using paper substrates.

Exploring Innovation with Retortable Mono-Material Polypropylene with High Barrier Properties

Sustainability and recyclability are hot topics in packaging today, with global CPG producers actively seeking environmentally friendly packaging solutions. 

To meet this demand, Japanese packaging company TOPPAN and Australian CPG producer Flavour Makers have collaborated to commercialize a recycle-ready, retortable, mono-material pouch with high barrier properties. The innovation has earned recognition with a Gold PIDA Award from the Australian Institute of Packaging. 

This session will explore the relationship between TOPPAN and Flavour Makers, as well as other applications for this innovative pouch packaging.

The session will feature Chris Cester, Packaging and NPD Project Manager, Flavour Makers, and Chris Ward, Vice President of Technology, InterFlex Group, which is part of the Global Packaging Division of TOPPAN, Inc.

Panel Discussion: Packaging Sustainability, Recycling, Environmental Impact, and Extended Producer Responsibility

While the presentations cited above will take place on March 30, an engaging panel discussion with industry leaders and experts will take place on March 31.

Sustainability is – and will remain – the hottest topic across all aspects of the global CPG packaging industry. Packaging is undergoing a transformation as all CPG products face scrutiny related to sustainability.

In this panel discussion, flexible packaging experts will discuss the next generation of flexible packaging options to build a truly circular economy for packaging, addressing key topics like:

  • Achieving sustainability and performance with PE/PA multilayer films
  • Efficient & Sustainable Ultrasonic Pouch Sealing
  • Testing sustainable pouch performance
  • APR-approved, high-barrier, recycle-ready mono-material laminates

Participating in the panel discussion will be: 

  • Brad Celmer, Technical Service Engineer, UBE
  • Eric Colley, Key Account Manager, Herrmann Ultrasonics
  • Joel Fischer, Lab Manager, Ametek MOCON
  • David Klopp, CEO, Verdafresh
  • Douglas J. Peckenpaugh, Publisher, The Packaging Group, BNP Media

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