AeroFlexx, a leader in the sustainable packaging industry, is announcing a strategic partnership with Chemipack, a family-owned company in Poland that supplies liquid concentrates for a variety of applications, such as household and personal care products, industrial fluids and wet wipes. This partnership will enable AeroFlexx and Chemipack to address industry demand and critical packaging initiatives by bringing one of the most innovative and sustainable liquid package formats to the European market.

Chemipack has a history of highly efficient filling operations and blending onsite. With 5 state-of-the-art production lines, they have the ability to manufacture and fill over 100 million liters of liquids annually.

According to Chemipack Sp. z o.o. Chairman and CEO, Robert Serafiński, "As a multi-generational business, maintaining a highly efficient process for our existing portfolio of customers with blending and filling facilities that are sustainable for future generations is one of our core efforts, and with the help of AeroFlexx, we will significantly expand our sustainable position to ensure lasting value."

"By partnering with Chemipack, we are strategically positioned to meet our European customers' demand, enabling AeroFlexx to enter the market and scale rapidly," states AeroFlexx's VP of Commercial, Kevin Green. "Chemipack's top-quality production and agile approach are vital as we continue to support our robust and growing pipeline."

AeroFlexx's packaging is gaining significant traction in the European market, presenting a scalable solution to help meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions in the package space and to continue to broaden the global AeroFlexx footprint.