Improving the environment while increasing food freshness are dual benefits from the new packaging for Valley Fine Foods of Benicia, CA.  Plantic Technologies Ltd (, an international supplier of performance biopolymers, announces that its ultra-high gas barrier, renewably sourced Plantic eco Plastic™ roll stock is being used by Valley Fine to package its Three Bridges line of 100 percent natural chef crafted pasta products.  This premium offering includes both organic and gluten free products.

Plantic eco Plastic™ roll stock is made predominately from proprietary starch technology which constitutes about 80 percent of the total package structure and uses up to 40 percent less energy to produce than conventional ethylene-based polymers.  The extremely low oxygen transmission rate of eco Plastic™ material can extend the shelf life of fresh foods by 15 percent to 40 percent, depending on the application.

“The environmental benefits of Plantic eco Plastic™, combined with its ability to meet our freshness life demands provide a package which truly fits our belief in creating healthy foods in a healthy way,” states Tyler Brown, Product Development Manager of Three Bridges.  “Our foods are 100 percent natural, made from ingredients you recognize, nothing artificial, no preservatives and with minimal processing.”

 “Plantic eco Plastic™ sets a new standard for barrier packaging performance,” says Tom Black, President of International Business for Plantic Technologies.  “We are able to be cost competitive with traditional barrier films and, combined with functional performance, this forms the cornerstone of our value proposition.  The ability to improve food freshness and be good stewards of the environment is a great outcome for both Plantic and Valley Fine Foods.”