King Rex Spirits uses Carnival masks.

CEO and Founder Sal N. Ortiz announces the formation of REX Spirits, Inc., an international company slated to create, develop and market unique luxury spirit products to consumers throughout the world.

The new company’s first product launch through its DBA, King REX Spirits will be an ultra-premium line of spirits under the brand label of King REX Vodka, Silver Rum and Bourbon.

Consumers from all walks of life will enjoy the brands celebration which honors the “King of Carnival” and the “Monarch of Merriment,” combining the visual symbols, images, sights and sounds with the REX’s traditional Carnival colors of purple “Justice”, green “Faith”, and gold “Power”.

King REX Spirits has pushed the boundaries even further when it came to creating its bottles. The designs include unique crystal jewels, but also feature an interesting shaped face showcasing an intricate colorful painted texture mask seen at Carnival. The exquisite bottle capsulation is as regal as any King’s crown and each bottle neck is designed for the ultimate ease to speed pour. Each designer bottle identifies the category of spirits by their Carnival color, purple “Justice” King Rex Vodka, green “Faith” King Rex Silver Rum, and gold “Power” King Rex Aged Bourbon. Each bottle has a LED light that can be switched on from the base of the bottle for a more translucent glorious “come and celebrate with Rex” statement. These bottles could easily be mistaken for an avant-garde artwork. The bottle and packaging have been designed with the respect and traditional of its New Orleans and Venetian masquerade culture.

Ortiz says, “We are poised to take the spirit category to a new level of visuals, taste and pure sophistication. The consumer continues to demonstrate a willingness to pay for quality. King REX Spirits reflects a style of intrigue, combining the elements of the arts and fashion”.

The King REX Portfolio of Spirits was introduced in Las Vegas at the WSWA Convention and Tradeshow.