Allogel Srl releases new packaging for its frozen fish.

Allogel  Srl has entered new waters as the firstSealed Air Cryovaccustomer in Italy to use Darfresh® 3 webs for packaging frozen fish. As a long-standing customer, Allogel worked closely with Sealed Air Cryovac, in the development and trial of this solution, as part of its proven commitment to bring safety-driven innovation to its products and processes.

Behind the Allogel decision to use Darfresh 3-webs and the Darfresh R275CD machine, was the concrete objective to find a packaging solution that combines excellent conservation with appealing presentation. For the retailer, the solution has the benefits of a long shelf life, strong pack optics, bringing optimal visibility and lighter, more ecological packaging with the absence of cardboard.

The resultant choice satisfied the vision of one innovative pack able to eliminate the need for secondary packaging. Its compact character saves on fridge space, there is no fog inside the pack and ultimately less packaging to dispose of, which is a significant environmental plus. Numbering among the additional services provided by Sealed Air Cryovac were graphic design, mold design, line software development, as well as support for launch and follow-up activity.

Allogel has its own supermarket where it launches all of its new products to gauge consumer response. The newly packaged frozen fish proved an instant success and is now available in major chains such as Coop, Carrefour and Auchan.

The Cryovac Darfresh 3-web vacuum system is a 3-web pack consisting of a bottom formed on-line and a top skin, both high barrier plus a lid. Each of the webs is fully printable and all of the materials are chlorine-free. The Cryovac Darfresh R275CD machine, one of the models of the new generation of Multivac Darfresh packaging machines, was jointly developed by Cryovac andMultivac. It has a memory for 200 program settings. All machine functions, including temperature control and timers, are managed by microprocessors and operated via a soft touch control panel and LCD display.