Minnesota-based breakfast cereal manufacturers MOM Brands recently tapped Minneapolis-based design consultancy Ideas that Kick (ideasthatkick.com) for help extending a newly acquired natural baking mix brand into the breakfast cereal aisle.  
Targeted at moms who want to provide their families natural breakfasts at an affordable price, Kick’s brand update and package design concept for Naturally Nora’s highlight authenticity of ingredients and made-from-scratch goodness.
“Nora was already cast as a baker with a conscience about what kind of treats she made for her family. Our design concept nodded at traditional grocery branding, but updated it with a more contemporary look and feel, too,” explains Kick president and brand strategist Mary Kemp. “Our visuals and messaging increase the brand’s value and equity with consumers by capitalizing on the authenticity that was the existing brand’s most relevant differentiator.”
“MOM Brands typically asks us to develop new brands for them,” adds Kick executive creative director Stefan Hartung. “Naturally Nora’s was a different kind of challenge, because a few primary branding elements were already in place, created for a different grocery category. Updating and extending those elements to stand out in the breakfast cereal aisle meant refining and redefining what attracted MOM Brands to Naturally Nora’s in the first place, always keeping in mind further extension possibilities. It helps when you have a great story to tell from the start.”
Naturally Nora’s was the seventh “shelf kicker” breakfast cereal packaging concept that Kick has created for MOM Brands in the last five years. The client was so happy with the results, Kick was tasked with updating the original packages for Naturally Nora’s baked goods, too. Cake and frosting mixes and breakfast cereals may not be shelved together in grocery stores, but Naturally Nora’s offerings in both categories now share Kick’s smart new design.