You’ve heard it before, today’s consumer wants convenience, convenience and more convenience. That is why prepared foods have such a strong presence in consumer homes and on store shelves. From baby food to dairy and mini meals to proteins, we want what we want, when we want it. No other segment delivers that better than prepared foods.


Prepared meal options save time

Tuna is an iconic protein staple and many tuna salad kits and tuna pouches launched in recent years have helped consumers take more tuna on the go. Well now, Chicken of the Sea, best known for its tuna, has launched a new line of flavored salmon in pouches to meet the growing demand for convenient, alternative protein sources.

The new line of flavored salmon pouches offers a healthy, convenient and tasty lunch option. Now available at stores nationwide, the three new Chicken of the Sea Flavored Salmon Pouches represent the industry’s first line of flavored salmon pouches and draw from the company’s pioneering position in pouched salmon.

According to Erin Mrozek, Chicken of the Sea director of brand marketing, salmon is the country’s third-most consumed seafood and has enjoyed a resurgence on restaurant menus and as an alternative protein source, especially at breakfast. This growth in wild salmon, fueled by a combination of taste and health benefits, including the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids, has led to untapped consumer demand for pouched and canned salmon relative to tuna and other seafood.

“While Flavored Salmon Pouches were created to meet the growing demand for a convenient, alternative protein source, we expect the taste varieties in the new line to encourage new pouched salmon fans by creating compelling new usage occasions,” says Mrozek. “The pouches make it easy to transform routine lunchtime salads, sandwiches and rice bowls into any number of inspired midday creations. The culinary possibilities are endless.”

Another company has created an easy to take with you lunch option, complete with multiple foods in one package. Organic meats processor Applegate says that the new Applegate HALF TIME is the first lunch kit featuring natural and organic ingredients.

Available nationwide at food retailers such as Target and Safeway, Applegate HALF TIME combines three of the leading brands in the natural and organic channel: Applegate (natural and organic meats and cheeses), Stonyfield (organic yogurt) and Annie’s (organic fruit snacks and crackers) into one convenient kit.

“Our survey showed that parents love the convenience of pre–packed lunch kits, but not necessarily the ingredients,” says Neil Leinwand, Applegate senior vice president of marketing.

He says 88% of parents surveyed said they thought pre–packed lunch kits were convenient, while 79% said they were concerned about the nitrates, preservatives and artificial ingredients in those kits.

“With HALF TIME, parents don’t have to compromise between convenience and quality because we’re combining the three trusted natural and organic brands that are already in their refrigerators and pantries,” says Leinwand.

Applegate HALF TIME comes  in three varieties to satisfy  most on-the-go lunchers.

Yogurt has been a growing go-to snack (or breakfast) option for consumers for quite some time. The rise of Greek style yogurt has pushed this already popular segment into God-like status. The Greek Gods® brand now introduces a multi-pack format for its 6-ounce Greek-Style yogurt. The 6-ounce cups of Honey, Honey Vanilla, Honey Strawberry and Honey Salted Caramel are conveniently packaged in a set of four. The yogurt is easy to take on-the-go for a snack anytime.

“The new multi-pack option will provide our customers added convenience when purchasing our single serve yogurt,” says Basel Nassar, chief operating officer of the Hain Refrigerated Foods Division. “Our customers will be able to easily stock their fridge with their favorite flavors.”

The new yogurt packaging allows consumers to buy more per grocery store visit and have more of what they love available at their fingertips.


Babies food pouches offer easy eating

Moms and Dads can appreciate some new baby food offerings adorning store shelves, as they not only want their food to be quick and easy, they want their child’s food to be just as accommodating. Happy Family introduces a new product to its portfolio, Happy Tot™ Fiber & Protein pouches. In addition, the brand has expanded its selection of Happy Baby Homestyle Meals with two new varieties, as well as enhanced its lineup of convenient Happy Baby four-packs. The new offerings prove that convenience is king, even when talking about food options for tots.

“At Happy Family we continue to innovate by providing new flavor and ingredient combinations that are enhanced with vitamins, minerals and nutrients to provide enlightened nutrition for every stage of a child’s life,” says Shazi Visram, founder, CEO and chief mom of Happy Family. “As an on-the-go mom, I’m delighted we now have more options to ensure that our little ones have a nutritious start, paving the way for healthy development.”

Happy Tot Fiber & Protein pouches are a new range of organic fruit and vegetable pouches that feature three grams of fiber and three grams of protein. Available in two ingredient combinations – Pear, Blueberry & Spinach and Pear, Raspberry, Butternut Squash & Carrot – Happy Tot Fiber and Protein pouches are sold individually.

The company also added two new flavors to its Happy Baby Homestyle Meals, which are the newest addition to the popular line of Stage 2 Happy Baby pouches. The new varieties feature a simple combination of organic fruits, veggies and grains. Happy Baby Homestyle Meals are sold individually in a ready-to-eat pouch for easy handling and easy eating.


Ready to go and ready to eat foods save take and make packing lunches and snacks a breeze. No matter what’s on the menu, prepared choices give us more freedom, without sacrificing flavor. Bon appétit!