It would almost seem as if one of the most stunning Chateaux and its breathtaking 494 acres, nestled into the southern slopes of the Alpilles mountains near Provence, were just waiting for a couple with the passion, drive and commitment to excellence of Valerie and Remy Reboul to give forth the truly extraordinary fruits of its soil. The region that has been inspirational to Van Gogh and so many great artists of the Belle Epoque inspires a new beauty of food arts at Chateau d’Estoublon.

As so often happens, a perfect storm of circumstances led the right people to the right property, and a truly great line of extra virgin olive oils and organic wines were born.  With his background of hospitality studies followed by years working in Michelin-starred establishments, palaces, and hotel F&B management, Remy Reboul was primed to create something exceptional. Valerie Reboul-Schneider developed a hard-working ethic and appreciation for creating beautiful things of exceptional quality working in the family’s Swiss watch company.

In 1999, Valerie’s family purchased Chateau d’Estoublon, an 18th century castle and estate in serious need of repair. As Valerie and Remy poured their hearts and souls into restoring the castle and estate to its former glory, the couple experienced one of those rare moments of kismet, as they realized that they had found the very vehicle that would channel their talents, passion and drive to create one of the great, and memorable brands of fine organic wine and olive oils.

Curtis Cord, Publisher of Olive Oil Times and president of the New York International Olive Oil Competition credits the first time he tasted Chateau d”Estoublon in part for setting him on his accomplished path in the industry. Cord shares, "you never forget the first time -- when you discover how great olive oil should taste, and for me…it was a bottle of Chateau d'Estoublon."

Such memorable olive oil doesn’t just happen – it is cultivated and processed with care, know-how and taste.  Valerie threw herself into planting 212 acres with five olive varietals and developing a level of expertise that only one with a true love for olive oil and the land can. She insists on only hand-crafted artisan methods, hand picking – combing through the branches, olives collected on nets and hand selected - and processing of only the very best olives. Rather than settle for the AOC requirement for processing within three days of harvest, Valerie’s drive for excellence insists on processing the olives within a mere twenty four hours of picking! The green olive oil production method (processing olives harvested before they darken) brings out the full fresh flavors this remarkable terroir imparts on the fruit.

Since ancient times, olive oil has remained a staple of nutrition, health, food, and beauty. “Olive oil is truly a thing of beauty, from beginning to end, to see it go from a plant to a golden liquid in a bottle,” explains Valerie, as if reciting poetry. It was Salvador Dali who said “beauty should be edible.” It was Valerie Reboul who believed fine olive oil should be as beautiful to gaze upon as it is to taste. Her creative sensibility and work in the family watch company led her to that “aha” moment which created the elegant signature bottles and packaging that elevated the world-class olive oil to a thing of beauty that fits in as well at fashion, jewelry and lifestyle counters as it does on the kitchen counter.

Varietals include:

  • Salonenque-- Fresh, grassy, round and buttery. With an aroma of fresh cut grass, La Salonenque is very fresh on the palate. This is the lightest of the varietals.
  • Grossane - Elegant, sweet and light. Discrete on the palate, La Grossane develops aromas of citrus fruit. 
  • Bouteillan– Developing aromas of asparagus tips, sweet tomato leaves and green apple.
  • Beruguette– Vegetal, fiery and full-bodied. Extraordinary flavor of artichoke and green hazelnuts. La Beruguette is slightly bitter with a very characteristic hot and spicy aspect.
  • Picholine– Pungent, fiery, pepper. Strong, fiery and punchent, La Picholine is a wonderful flavor enhancer. This is the spiciest of varietals.