Orgain’s line extension for kids ups the fun factor through packaging.

Orgain Healthy Kids, an organic nutritional shake that’s made with certified organic fruits and vegetables is the first line extension from Orgain, a ready-to-drink nutritional shake for adults that’s been on the market since 2009. Orgain’s long-time partner,Moxie TM Inc, the New York-based brand design and development firm, was tapped to design the new sub line.

Visually aligning the design of Orgain to Orgain Healthy Kids was paramount for the Moxie TM design team. The branding needed to signal to Orgain’s current customers that this is the same, trusted brand, but for their children, while also capturing the attention of new customers, parents who are looking for a healthy supplement for their kids, while still appearing fun, playful and delicious for kid appeal.

Moxie TM created the vision and voice and then applied it across all consumer touch points.  This included the new brandmark, packaging graphics, consumer collateral, multipacks and shippers. Orgain Healthy Kids is aligned visually with the Orgain base brand, carrying through the same color palette (green and white), clean graphics and straight-forward ingredient visuals, but with the infusion of ‘fun.’ A cartoon monkey shown delivering fresh ingredients adorns each package. Bright, simple photographs of cute kids add punch to the brand campaign.  

Orgain Healthy Kids' bold and friendly logo is color-coded for the three flavors, chocolate (brown), vanilla (blue) and strawberry (red) to help moms shop the category. Like the base brand, it is sold in an aseptic carton, but in a thinner and smaller volume size of 250 mL, which is more appropriate for a child.  Orgain Healthy Kids will launch nationally at Whole Foods, and expects to be in over 5,000 stores by 2012. Suggested retail price is $2.39-$2.49. Future plans include distribution in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and England.