Jean Paul Gaultier fragrances came out with two gift boxes for Mother’s and Father’s Day. The industrial world of the brand’s latest ad campaign, which combines humor with seduction, is expressed in these pop-up boxes with the stamp of Cosfibel Premium’s ( expertise.

The two versions, for men and women, are conceived in the same manner: each box with its magnetic flap cover is completely wrapped in silver polyester paper using four-color printing to create a carefully balanced chromatic harmony. The silver polyester allows the printed décor to take on all sorts of transparent reflective effects. It also allows the printing of motifs like a silver feather design that appears in the background on the two sides of the box.

Let the celebrations begin
Inside, a double plateau presents the pop-up scene. It is glued to the inside of the lid on one side and forms the base of the décor as well as a cover for the compartment in which the products themselves are lodged. Inside, the base is covered to within a centimeter of the edge with a card whose thickness forms a ledge holding this platform in place.

The set is made up of printed parts that are laser cut and laminated using a folding and gluing technique that enhances the relief effect. The shadows and light of the printed silver polyester play on these silhouettes, gears and other motifs including a central logo. A ribbon holds the lid open, while a second allows the user to lift the floor of the décor in order to access the products below.

Put your hands together
For this original coffret, Cosfibel had to put a particularly sophisticated fabrication process in place involving no less than 25 different stages of hand assembly. The multiple trials and validation stages justified a common quest for perfection and the utter respect of the specifications of the original brief. The result is a duo of gift sets that give the consumer a dual surprise: the magic of discovering the box itself, then finding the fragrance and skincare products tucked inside.