The food industry is undergoing a cataclysmic shift. From increased regulation, to a growing emphasis on food safety, to changing workforce and customer demographics, food processors and their vendors and partners are facing a period of unprecedented change.

In response to these growing challenges, the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) and PROCESS EXPO have launched new resources to help food processing companies and their suppliers keep informed about current trends and coming changes. The resources include in-depth articles derived from member interviews about the top issues facing the food industry.

FPSA Senior Vice President Andy Drennan commented: “As a trade association, FPSA’s role is to support the food processing supply industry in every way we can. As part of our efforts, we are harnessing our members’ vast expertise to create informational articles about today’s top challenges. This also provides a platform for our members to showcase the innovative ways their companies are helping the food industry meet the demands of today and prepare for those of tomorrow.”

FPSA also hosts webinars on topics ranging from regulatory issues to trade show tips. The association has two webinars scheduled this month:

Visit FPSA ( and PROCESS EXPO ( online to sign up for the webinars and access the new industry resources.