What does start-up business venture launching SprinJene Toothpaste prioritize once the product is perfected? They focused on the selection of an advanced, process manufacturing software solution to bring their new products to market faster and more cost effectively.

BatchMaster Software (batchmaster.com) announced that SprinJene brand toothpaste has selected BatchMaster Enterprise for QuickBooks Online to manage its formulations and production. SprinJene is a premium, handcrafted toothpaste that uses science and nature to provide safer, gentler and more effective oral care. SprinJene requires all the best -- from ingredients, manufacturing processes, and software solutions to satisfy today's educated consumer, and SprinJene founder and CEO, Dr. Sayed Ibrahim says, "BatchMaster fits right in. It's a solution tailored for our industry and extremely well suited to support our patented technology. The fact BatchMaster is compatible with our QuickBooks Online is an added benefit."

Chief brand officer Marcelle Askew says, "SprinJene is for all lifestyles and beliefs, and that effects our formulations. Our toothpastes are certified gluten free, vegan, kosher, and halal, and BatchMaster helps us manage these certifications." Askew continues, "Our unique and patented formula includes micro-pearls of silica, zinc, and also black seed oil -- known for its legendary health benefits. A toothpaste that advanced, requires a manufacturing process that's state of the art. BatchMaster complements our brand."

"The selection of BatchMaster by SprinJene demonstrates BatchMaster's ideal fit within the Health and Beauty Industry," points out Ingrid Leon, EVP & COO of BatchMaster Software. "Working together with SprinJene, BatchMaster will help them optimize production to efficiently meet customer demand as they begin manufacturing of their exciting new product!"

"Because our mission is to be the best by offering the best, we were diligent with our software search and are very pleased with our decision to use BatchMaster," says Russ Pritchard, chief marketing officer for SprinJene. "Quality in all processes is key for us. We apply the same diligence to our manufacturing processes as we do to the selection of our ingredients. We are eager about our product launch and with our BatchMaster solution in place, this gives us something more to smile about."