JUST Water, a new 100% spring water from JUST, has launched in Tetra Pak’s (tetrapakusa.com) Tetra Top paper-based bottle. This marks the U.S. launch of this contemporary, one-step open package that offers a new way for brands to deliver grab-and-go beverages to forward-thinking consumers. Tetra Top is a departure from traditional beverage packaging with its clean, modern look, bottle-shaped design and recyclable packaging made primarily from paper, a renewable resource.

“With focus on environmental and social stewardship, JUST Water offers consumers a different type of packaged water that feels as good as it tastes,” says Grace Jeon, CEO of JUST. “Tetra Top aligns with our brand ethos. The carton delivers a sleek, sustainable package that not only protects our great water but also is compelling to our consumers.”

JUST selected Tetra Top because of the carton’s low carbon footprint and a manufacturing process that conserves energy and water. Moreover, the carton has post-recyclable use as paper products and green building materials.

Beyond resource preservation and recyclability, Tetra Top continues Tetra Pak’s commitment to sustainability in several other ways. The paper used in the carton bottles is sourced from sustainably managed forests. Tetra Top cartons also ship flat on rolls for increased distribution and storage efficiencies and a low carbon footprint.

“Tetra Top provides brands with a distinctive look in a crowded marketplace and helps them meet their sustainability goals,” says Brian Kennell, president and CEO of Tetra Pak Inc. and Canada. “It looks great and is easy to carry and reseal, making Tetra Top a convenient option that’s perfect for consumers’ active lifestyles.”

The carton comes with a slew of other benefits for brands. One example is the non-transparent paper, which protects and preserves product quality, making it an ideal package for all kinds of beverages, such as dairy drinks, water and juice. Furthermore, each carton features customizable printing capabilities with a distinctive “360? billboard effect.”

JUST Water will begin its national rollout next month with Whole Foods Market and OTG, the leading airport restaurant and retail management company.