Elif (elif.com) continues investing in packaging solutions for life. Working relentlessly to create innovative packaging solutions “humans” and “environment”, Elif presents a new alternative for eco packaging solutions. Elif’s new solution “ElifFine” is a soft touch eco-packaging solution offering tactile experience for consumers as well as addressing their environmental concerns.

Planning all its projects in accordance with minimum natural resource usage, Elif not only presents its customers a large environmentalist portfolio and solutions but also brings innovations by improving current materials. Elif’s eco-packaging solution, “ElifFine”, offers brand conformity for brand owners by providing a new tactile experience for their consumers. “ElifFine” also addresses the environmental concerns of consumers and brand owners by its mineral based formulation.

Having light structure due to its mineral filling and lamination-free barrier properties, “ElifFine” does not contain any solvent-based bonding chemicals for it is not subject to lamination process while presenting easy recycling in comparison with traditional laminated films. “ElifFine” provides stiffness, high strength and tearing resistance together with barrier properties of traditional polyethylene films against humidity and gas while it offers natural texture and soft touch of paper due to its unique formulation. Not to mention the fact that no tree cutting is carried out for production of “ElifFine”

Last year Elif has launched “ElifCare” its bio-degradable packaging solution with unlimited shelf life and drew heavy attention. Now, with “ElifFine”, Elif gives trademark owners an opportunity to present their consumers a tactile experience with its soft touch texture. “ElifFine” can also be upgraded with the bio-degradability properties of “ElifCare”, offering a biodegradable soft touch material with an unlimited shelf life.

Producing “Packaging for Life” and acting with the vision of sustainable future, Elif will further continue to put into practice responsible innovation projects contributing to protection, improvement and sustainability of environment and human life.