Inspired by kids and their unfiltered honesty, the iconic Jell-O brand introduces a new product line to the family: Jell-O Simply Good. Jell-O Simply Good pudding mixes are made with real ingredients like banana, cocoa and vanilla bean; and the gelatin mixes are flavored with real fruit juices. Jell-O Simply Good contains no artificial flavors, dyes or preservatives.

"Jell-O Simply Good was inspired by real kids who surprised us with their honest, unprompted feedback about artificial ingredients," says Nicole Kulwicki, head of marketing for Jell-O. "Our goal with the new line is to provide a choice for parents and kids who are looking for products with simpler ingredients. What we're most excited about is that we're still delivering the delicious and fun, colorful flavors that have made Jell-O a part of families' memories for generations."

Since kids inspired Jell-O Simply Good, the brand invited them to try the new product. Their candid, unscripted reactions are the basis for the Jell-O Simply Good campaign. Dubbed '"Delightfully Honest," the campaign features video of real kids providing unfiltered, surprising and sometimes hilarious reactions to a variety of topics including their impression of Jell-O Simply Good.

In addition to the unscripted campaign, Jell-O Simply Good is celebrating kids'-delightful-honesty further by inviting parents nationwide to join the conversation and share their kids' unfiltered moments with #DelightfullyHonest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Jell-O Simply Good gelatin mixes are flavored with real fruit juice and come in four flavors: Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Orange-Tangerine and Pineapple-Orange. The pudding mixes are made with the good stuff like real vanilla bean, cocoa and banana and come in four flavors: Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Banana and Chocolate Caramel.

Additionally, the Jell-O culinary team has already been busy finding new and delicious ways to enjoy Jell-O Simply Good gelatins and puddings, including Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowls, Orange Tangerine Greek Yogurt Bites, "Banana Split" Pudding and Vanilla Almond Crunch Pudding. These recipes are made with ingredients like fresh fruit, yogurt and granola and are easy and fun for parents to make with their kids.