JELL-O PLAY introduces edible slime, which comes in strawberry-flavored Unicorn and lime-flavored Monster varieties. It is JELL-O’s first launch since the brand announced its new line of JELL-O PLAY edible toys in June. 

Slime has become a social media phenomenon, with more than 20 million slime-related posts on Instagram and thousands of “how to” slime videos on YouTube. Fans have embraced the squishy and stretchy toy as a fun and creative activity. While do-it-yourself edible slime recipes are popular on Pinterest and YouTube, there hasn’t been an edible slime available from a national brand until now.

The edible slime launch comes on the heels of JELL-O’s summer launch of JELL-O PLAY, a new line of edible JELL-O gelatin products designed to inspire families to engage in free play and fun. The three JELL-O PLAY product lines can be molded, shaped and built into whatever parents and kids can imagine, and are designed around themes such as Ocean and Jungle. All items are available online and in national retailers.

JELL-O PLAY edible slime adds an edible twist to one of the hottest trends in toys.

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